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Bifold doors fold in on themselves, and are fixed to sliding track at the top of the door. They take up less space, when opened, than normal doors. Bifold doors are often used for closets, laundry rooms, and storage spaces, and may be used as dividers between rooms. They normally come in two or four sections; in both case the opening is in the middle. Multi-fold designs, with more than four panels, are available on a custom basis. Bifold doors may be of solid wood, or molded. Specialist types of bifold door include french doors, louvered doors, exterior doors, and glass  doors.




There are two main types of bifold door: closet and external.




When choosing a closet door there are two main considerations: style and material. In terms of style there are three main choices: simple traditional, decorative traditional, and contemporary.


We recommend that you are guided in this choice by the period and style of the property into which the doors are to be fitted. Traditional designs do not go well with a modern property and vice versa. By simple traditional design we mean a panel effect, but without decorative mouldings or curves; this simple approach, which works well in most properties, is sometimes called Shaker design. You can't go wrong with it, and it won't date. By decorative traditional design we mean more elaborate panel-effect doors, such as those shown in the image above. They typically have decorative mouldings around the edges of the panels, and may have curved tops to the panels in what is sometimes known as the French Louis XV style. We would generally recommend against the use of decorative traditional designs for closet doors. Because the doors tend to cover quite a wide area they can look rather fussy, and are liable to date in appearance. The third style is contemporary. This usually involves simple flat doors, finished in paint or wood veneer. This minimalist style lends itself well to buildings of simple contemporary design. When it comes to fitted furniture we do not recommend mixing ancient and modern styles.


The main materials used for these doors are either solid wood, or some type of medium density fiberboard which may be finished with paint, wood veneer, or laminate. Solid wood, as used in high quality Shaker-style doors, is the best and most expensive option. It gives a good solid feel to the door, and the grain of naturally finished solid wood can readily absorb small scratches and dents. By contrast doors finished in wood veneer or plastic laminate can begin to look dilapidated, with the veneer or laminate peeling at corners, when exposed to heavy wear and tear.




External bifold doors are glazed, and are used to provide wide openings between living rooms and the yard or patio. Their great advantage of sliding patio doors is that they can open right back, creating a completely unobstructed opening between inside and outside. They do, however, require some space to fold into the room; to avoid this some external doors will fold outward. The most common materials for such doors are wood, aluminum, or vinyl. Of these, good quality aluminum doors are the most durable and draught-proof. They also do not require any painting, as they can be finished in a wide range of permanent power-coated colors. Wood gives a friendlier feel, particularly in older properties. An attractive option to consider is aluminum-faced external doors. These are made of solid wood, and present a wood surface to the interior, but are faced with powder-coated aluminum on the outside.




The leading bifold door manufacturers selected by Abacus Construction Index, listed below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of bifold doors, including online catalogs, sizes, specifications, colors and materials, hardware, and care and maintenance.


Craftmaster. Craftmaster, based in Chicago, Illinois, manufactures a range of wooden and molded bifold doors. The wood doors are available in Pine and Louver designs. Craftmaster Pine Doors are available in 4-panel and 6-panel designs. The construction is of solid pine, with a door thickness of one and an eighth inches. Doors are available in standard 6ft 8 inch height. Craftmaster molded doors are available in four forms. Smooth, Textured, Pre-Stained and Pre-finsihed, and Tall Doors. Craftmaster doors may be hollow core, semi solid, or solid core. Craftmaster recommends the solid core option, as it gives greater dimensional stability, and has the feel of a solid wood door. The Craftmaster website contains sections on Door Construction, Installation, Warranty, and Green Benefits. 


Interior Doors Direct. Interior Doors Direct is the manufacturing division of Designer Doors Inc, and is based in Burghill, Ohio. It specialises in the manufacture of solid hardwood custom and standard interior doors, including bifold doors, made to order. It supplies a range of doors, suitable for use in closets, pantries, and to provide division between rooms. Basic designs consist of either two or four sections. Multifold doors and multifold hardware available for other numbers of panels, and for custom systems. The following types of door are supplied: Raised panel, Arts & Crafts or Mission Style, French Door Bifolds with Clear Tempered Glass, and French Doors with Clear Tempered Beveled Glass. Other product categories include: Mirrored Doors, V-Groove Doors, Dutch Doors, Cafe Doors, and Pocket Doors.


Jeld Wen. Established in 1960 as a small Oregon millwork plant with 15 employees, Jeld Wen has grown to a leading international manufacturer specialising in doors and windows made from wood, vinyl and aluminum. It has over 150 divisions and more than 20,000 employees. Jeld Wen supplies a range of bifold doors suitable for closets, laundry rooms, and other storage areas in the home. They are narrow wood doors, which are segmented and hinged. They fold into themselves and slide on a head track to the side when opened. A typical door will have four segments, two folding to the left and two to the right. The Jeld Wen website gives information on door designs, panel profiles, core options, and pre-finished options. There is also information on installation and finishing, and on warranties.


Kestrel. Kestrel, based in Stowe, Pennsylvania, has been manufacturing interior and exterior shutters and doors, including bifold doors, since 1989. Their wood shutters, doors, and folding screen room dividers are made to order in the factory in Stowe. They are made from hardwood, joined with deep pocket mortise and tenon joints, which are pegged for greater durability. Available woods include Basswood, Mahogany, and Spanish Cedar. Styles include Louvered, Raised, Flat and Recessed Panel. Other styles include mirrors, glass, fabric, beadboard, tongue & groove, and board & batten. Product categories in the Kestrel website include: Exterior Shutters, Interior Shutters, Closet Doors, Louvered Doors, Board & Batten Shutters, Folding Screens, and Plantation Shutters.




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