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We have five pages of expert guidance notes on Linoleum Flooring:

1. Introducing linoleum flooring

2. Linoleum flooring compared to alternatives

3. Design tips for linoleum flooring (on this page)

4. Leading suppliers of linoleum flooring

5. Installing and maintaining linoleum flooring



General approach to designing a linoleum floor

Our main advice is to keep the design of the linoleum floor simple and classic. A linoleum floor is very expensive to replace, and a simple classic design will live for many years. By contrast you could easily become bored with unusual colors or patterns. It is best to bring bright color and pattern into a room through curtains and walls and other things that can be easily and cheaply changed over the years.

Style and color

For many years linoleum was available only a narrow range of colors, including cream, green and grey. This reflected the widespread use of linoleum in hospitals and other functional buildings. Linoleum is now available in many styles colors. For example the market leader Marmoleum (from Forbo Nairn) offers 12 styles of linoleum, including plain, marbled, and patterned designs. The classic Marmoleum Real marbled design is available in 60 colors, including pale blues and greys and deep oranges and reds. The colors are rich and vibrant, and because they go all through the material they retain their look as they wear.

Sheet or tile?

We would recommend sheet linoleum if you want a calm contemporary look. You can also achieve this look with linoleum tiles, by using the same tile throughout; in that case we recommend that the grain of the marbling runs at right angles in adjacent tiles. The advantage of tiles over sheet is that they are much easier to handle and cut - particularly for a homeowner laying their own floor.

Linoleum tiles can also be used to give a bold tiled look by alternating completely different colors in a checkerboard effect. This can be used to reflect the classic black and white ceramic floor tile look.


Linoleum manufacturers have recently introduced textured surfaces, which give a softer look and feel, and present slightly different colors depending on the direction from which the floor is viewed. These products are intended for use in areas where carpet might otherwise be used. An example is the Marmoleum Touch range from Forbo Nairn. 

Cut patterns

Linoleum can be professionally cut to produce bold geometrical patterns. This can be done on site. For more complex patterns, such as a graphic design with lettering, or a company logo, cutting can be done very accurately off-site using aquajet water cutting technology. In institutional settings this technology can be used for dramatic effect; it can also be used for functional purpose, incorporating direction signs within the linoleum floor.



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Introducing linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring compared to alternatives

Leading suppliers of linoleum flooring

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